What Are Some Of The Ways You Can Get A Phone With No Credit Score Or With A Bad Credit?

By   November 1, 2015

Ask anyone who has been declined before for a mobile phone contract and you will get a picture of how heart breaking it is. Having no credit is just as bad as having bad credit. Most providers are unwilling to approve a phone contract to a person with no credit as they have no way of determining how reliable they are when it comes to making payments on time. As such, it becomes very difficult for people with a low credit score or those with no credit to get approved for a mobile phone contract. That notwithstanding, there are still a number of ways in which a person can get approved for a phone contract even if they have no credit or their credit score is less than perfect.

Make an upfront deposit payment

Making an upfront security payment can help you get approved for a mobile phone contract even if you have no credit or if you have bad credit. Generally, the reason most providers refuse to accept a person with bad credit for a mobile phone contract is because they are deemed as high risk customers. However, by making an upfront deposit which can range from a few to a couple of hundred dollars, the provider feels secured to approve you for  a contract even if you have no or bad credit. The good thing is that if you demonstrate punctuality in payments, your deposit is bound to be returned by end of the year. On the other hand, if you are not punctual, then you might be forced to wait till the expiry of your contract.

Find a guarantor or a cosigner of sorts

If you have no or bad credit; one of the ways in which you can get approved for a phone contract is if you get a cosigner. This is a person who has a good credit history and who is financially liable to make your payments should you be unable to meet your monthly contractual obligations. However, to be assured of an approval, the person you choose as a cosigner needs to have a healthy credit history.

Go for a prepaid plan

If all else fails, then you should consider going for a prepaid plan that does not require credit checks of any sorts. If any, they are relatively cheaper as no phone is involved as is the case with mobile phone contracts. With prepaid plans, if you don’t pay, then you won’t be privy to the cell phone service and this is why providers don’t perform credit checks as there are no risks on their part.

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