Can Cell Phone Payments Positively Affect Your Credit Score?

By   November 1, 2015

If there is something I have come to appreciate, it has to be the fact that it’s always good to be in the know. Ignorance can cost you a lot especially when applying for mobile phone contracts. Most of the time, I have seen individuals who are so desperate to be approved for a mobile phone contract that they end up making irrational decisions. There are those who haphazardly sign mobile phone contracts without reading the fine print only to realize that there were some hidden charges. Conversely, others don’t read the fine print only to realize that the buyout clause is too exorbitant should they want out of the contract.


All these oversights can serve to plunge someone deeper into debt especially when they are struggling financially. Others have given up on repairing their credit score either because they are ignorant or simply have not been pointed to the right direction. Personally, I believe self enlightenment and not doing things haphazardly can make all the difference. It can make the difference between you making sound decisions or finding yourself in a situation difficult to get out of.

In that wavelength, those who are stuck deep into debt and there credit scores are in doldrums are probably wondering whether going for bad credit phones and making their payments on time can positively improve their credit score. To answer the question, the reason you probably are having a low credit score is because you were unable to meet your financial obligations in the past. Defaults or late payments are the reason that people have bad credit or low credit scores. So what happens when you apply for a bad credit mobile phone contract?

Does the application in itself miraculously improve your credit score? Of course not! What serves to eventually improve your credit score is if you are diligent, punctual and timely in payments. In as much as you might be having a bad credit score, when you make timely repayments, it reflects positively on your credit report and with time you can expect to see improvements in your credit score. With that in mind, it’s correct to say that indeed timely payments of your cell phone contract can indeed improve your credit score in the long run. Conversely, late payments and defaults will achieve the opposite effect. It will negatively affect your credit score.

If you are seeking to get out of bad credit, applying for bad credit phones will definitely give you the opportunity to redeem your credit status and get out of credit. So why not stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about your credit status by applying for bad credit phones? The decision is in your own hands!

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