About us

For long, Samgray Phones has been walking the talk and committed to helping the many people within UK with bad credit get approved for bad credit mobile phone contracts. We believe in the concept of equality and treat all our customers equally irrespective of their credit rating. We do not look at those with a less than perfect credit history as lesser humans but rather find ways in which they can get approved for mobile phone contracts. From the very time we got established, our commitment has been to help as many people as possible get approved for mobile phone contracts.


Specifically, we have been registering immense success with individuals who have bad credit and this explains why we continue to be a force to reckon with and a leading bad credit phones provider across the UK. We are not only engaged in helping people with a poor credit rating get approved for a mobile phone contract but have also put in place measures designed to ensure that they do so from an informed standpoint. In this regard, we continually offer professional advice through the help of our very highly trained customer personnel that are well versed with customer relations.

Ours is to ensure that we put a smile on the faces of our customers and that they are wholly satisfied with the services we offer. We are always innovative and ensure that the services we offer our esteem customers are top notch and specifically designed to meet their needs and expectations.